[SOLVED] that they can come to the teacher for any issue that may arise and that it will be resolved in the most fitting way.  Students often quarrel – forth in their assignments and involvement in each lesson whether it be through participation or asking questions related to the subject matter that they may need to be clarified for better understanding.  Students should also feel that when they are in the classroom

and in these cases it is important that we are able to hear all sides of the story and distribute punishment or disciplinary action accordingly.  Each of these contribute to developing the family-like atmosphere desired inside our classrooms which can certainly...

[SOLVED] when a parametric test is not appropriate – A non-parametric test is usually used in cases where the distribution is abnormal or skewed. These tests are considered flexible as they allow one to deal with variables and attributes equally well. It is appropriate to use a non-parametric test when the sample size is small and when the data is not in a normal distribution pattern. Mostly

a non-parametric test is used. The non-parametric tests are used when a researcher would like to rank measurements test whether the distribution is weird (Lenart & Pippien